The Origins of My Eye Twitch

Okay, early apologies because I’m honestly getting a little cranky so I’m about to go on a minor rant here. It’s just that the problems I’m going to call out are all so totally avoidable that it makes me crazy when I keep seeing them over and over and over again.

These plants were part of a new home installation, so the developer (and homeowner ultimately) paid someone to do this. Which means, stay with me here, that someone was actually paid to do this.


Don’t you dare turn away!  If I have to know this is happening, then so do you and this horror show isn’t even close to being over yet. Not by a long shot, cookie. Right next to that poor germander is this hot mess.


Yeah, I know. Me too.


I mean, make up your mind, dude. Do we throw it on top of the soil and then cram a bunch of rocks up around it so nobody can immediately see how lazy we are or do we bury it so far under a bunch of soil and rocks that you wouldn’t even know there was a plant there? I need you to MAKE UP YOUR STUPID MINDS.

Oh, and in case you were thinking they just had one guy who didn’t know how to plant a plant even though planting plants is his job, I’d like to present Exhibit C:

I’ll give you three guesses as to where the water from those drippers is going to go and if you need all three guesses then I’m sad to report that you could probably maintain a pretty steady living as a landscaper in Las Vegas.

Hint: I can tell you precisely where that water will not go and it’s the only green in the picture.

In all sincerity, I love this city and this desert but I think we can all agree that it’s a wee bit harsh even when you’re not anchored into a bed of rocks night and day. That’s why any plant that can grow here deserves a fair amount of respect in my book. It just irritates me no end that there are people who are willing to waste a living thing and our valley’s limited water resources simply to shave a few minutes off their job. And let’s not forget the homeowner was screwed over in this deal as well. Those plants probably would’ve made it through the 90-day warranty this spring and then crapped out once the heat hit, leaving them to replace it on their own.  That’s not right and the fault here lies not just with the crew members who did the work but with their boss for letting it happen and quite possibly encouraging them to cut corners.

You shouldn’t have to check their work but check their work. Check their work, check their work, check their work and don’t let them get by with this nonsense.

Alright, rant complete until I think of something else. I’m feeling much better now. Thank you and have a nice day.




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