Pruning For Laughs

Sometimes bad pruning is funny though.

True confession: this post was mostly started just to show you all some funny tree pictures. I think I make a solid point about shade at the end but it was honestly secondary to the part where I get to make fun of goofy pruning online.

Okay, from this angle it totally looks like this olive tree is a cheerleader holding a pair of pom-poms, but from almost all other angles it totally looks like a pair of something else.

I’m far too much of a lady to say it outright so I’ll just let you use your imaginations but in case there’s somebody who’s unable to work it out I’m positively dying to give you a hint.

It looks like that tree has some pretty large manly bits that rhyme with ‘yes, tickles’ and it’s hilariousSeriously, I about cried laughing at this tree.

Same property. I call this one “Uno.”

Now, I know I might be dating myself a bit with this next observation but does anybody else see one of those floor lamps from the 70’s here?

Also, I didn’t realize that something without a face could actually look dejected but this tree has shown me anything’s possible.

Before we move on to the next image, I want to make it known that I love Dr. Seuss too. I really do. The Lorax is a great story, it is.

It’s just that it looks as if a person with a chainsaw might actually be trying to create Dr. Seuss’ imaginary Truffala trees out of real, live olive trees and that seems mildly nutty to me.

Also, severely ugly in my honest and oh so humble opinion.

I’m of a split mind on this next one, guys.


On the one hand, it’s kind of funny. On the other hand, it’s pretty stupid. It’s a tough call but my gut instinct tells me to hate it so I do.

I’m including the picture below in case anyone is unfamiliar with what an olive tree actually looks like. It’s the big, billowy, silvery-leafed tree on the left casting all that annoying afternoon shade onto the concrete pathway below it. Of course, shade isn’t something you’d want to bother dealing with in the heart of the Mojave Desert so it makes perfect sense that there are people who pay other people to come around and carve their trees into silly little shapes every so often.


And that’s the solid point that excuses all my petty pruning snobbery. Thank you for sticking with me to the end. I know it can be a struggle but I deeply appreciate it. 🙂   Happy gardening!





  • Yep! Those are goofy alright. The local Silver Rangers get the weird buzz cut treatment every season. The pruning crews have masters in geometry I suppose!

  • Hullo!
    I’ve been reading your posts about trees…I have a space in my backyard that is roughly 11’x11′ where I plant veggies. With each summer getting worse and worse I was pondering a tree I could plant my veggies under. There is a pool in back so I am looking for very low litter tree. Currently I have a sprinkler system that assists during summer so the tree would have to put up with that as well. It is minimal watering 1 minute (3 times in the am,) 3 times a week. My soil really holds water…we supplement watering as needed.
    From your postings I was considering The Mastic Tree, Mulga Acacia and non-fruiting olive, preferably “Swan Hill”. Would love your thoughts and suggestions…

    • Hi Romy, your best bet for low litter would be the mastic or the Silver Sierra Texas mountain laurel. The mulga is messy and the Swan Hill will get pretty big. I’d definitely suggest digging a really big hole for whatever tree you choose though since most prefer good drainage in order to thrive. I hope this helps. Good luck!

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