One Stands Alone

 A tribute to one very special Joshua Tree Is any other symbol of the Mojave Desert as instantly recognizable as the Joshua tree? They're arguably one of the most otherworldly elements of a landscape that's actually played other planets in the movies. And that, combined with the fact that they grow pretty much here and

How to Talk to Nursery Folk

  I love identifying plants for people, mostly because it makes me feel smart, but also because I genuinely like to see people excited about adding something new to their landscape. About half the time they’ll bring in a picture or a cutting from a tree or shrub that they’ve seen around town, which admittedly

Plant Shaming for Fun!

  I feel like we need to talk about bad pruning again, guys. Because here's the thing: I'm not even really having to look for this stuff at all. It just kind of jumps out at you when you're least expecting it and it could happen pretty much anywhere in Vegas, as far as I can tell.

Meet the Wort Plants

  Ever wonder why there are so many plants in the world ending in -wort? Yeah, me neither, but it's actually a pretty good question if you think about it for a minute. I mean, there’s adderwort, asterwort, awlwort, banewort, barrenwort, bearwort, bellwort, birthwort, bishop’s wort, bitterwort, bladderwort, blawort, bloodwort, blushwort, bogwort, boragewort, brotherwort, bullwort,

Somebody Needs to Have Their Loppers Taken Away…

It's that time of year again. Summertime is palm-pruning season, which means that we'll be seeing a lot of beautiful palm trees around town receiving some pretty bad haircuts by people who really should know better. Cutting palms back too far is bad for the tree and it looks positively awful, and yet every year there

Keebler Elf Fantasy Homes

I would've made such an awesome Keebler elf. I love baking cookies and I love eating them even more, which I don't even think is a prerequisite for being a Keebler elf, but it just goes to show that I'm willing to go the extra mile. On top of that, I think that living

Well, hello there.

It's very nice to meet you.  My name is Julie. I live in Las Vegas, where I work at a local nursery giving plant suggestions and advice to people who are redoing their landscaping or wondering why their plants are struggling.  It's the desert, so as you can imagine, more often than not the problem