List of Local Nurseries

Star Nurserylocations throughout Southern Nevada, Northern Arizona and Southern Utah

Star is convenient and a reliable source for moderate-water use plants and pottery. They do carry some drought-tolerant plants but not nearly enough native stuff for my taste.

Moon Sun Cactus & Koi Gardens

6430 McGill Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89122

Moon Sun Cactus & Koi have interesting cacti and succulents but sometimes their stock looks a bit sad. They do host shows in the spring and fall, which can make for a fun field trip if you’re into weird plants.

Moon Valley Nurserieslocations throughout Las Vegas

Honestly, this is my least favorite local nursery and not just because I used to work for their biggest competitor here. Walking into a couple of their stores feels a little like walking into a used car lot. The old Plant World location on Charleston is pretty much the only one I go to for this reason. Talk to Sal if you go there. He’s a nice man.

Cactus Joe’s

If you haven’t made it into Cactus Joe’s, I wholly encourage you to make a trip out there. It’s not just a good source for cacti and succulents. They also have large pottery and garden art, from polished glass to metal sculptures.

Nevada Water Gardens

(seasonal hours vary, be sure to call ahead)


This is a true blue mom-and-pop nursery that’s been around for decades. It’s a good place for water plants obviously, but they also carry koi, turtles and some garden statuary. They also used to have a little farmer’s market situation there on the weekends during some seasons.  Definitely call ahead to make sure they’re open though.